the Bakery

Indulge your sensations in the treasured desserts of Europe and the Mediterranean, prepared by an expert’s hand! 

I am proud to once again bring our techniques and experience to my fellow Texans and friends.

With love,



the Pastries

Our chefs have decades of experience in perfecting every dessert and have a passion for what they do, ensuring a consistent and high quality selection.

Our pastries are created from scratch from unaltered traditional recipes passed down for generations using only fresh, quality ingredients.

Our famous Baklava__the flaky, ambrosia-sweet, with our light homemade syrup, nut-filled pastry (pistachios, cashews, pecans and walnuts are a great source of nutrients) is an innocent way to liven up the sweet buds.

All of this and more makes each one of our sweets a delicious and tasteful treat. Once reserved for the wealthy class of the ancient world, these desserts are now available for you to enjoy and gift and share! 


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